“Hey guys it’s Sam I specialize in giphys, verified ones that will be useable across multiple platforms. I have insane rates for enterprise brands looking for any connections to massive brands. Literally found how to work the billboard system of the internet and will give you guys the price of 15 cents per 1,000 views on it. You can upsell that major and make solid passive income. ”

My Website: Giphy Studio.


NFT Creator
“Hey guys it’s Metaking I’m running an NFT Agency. Artists are crazy fire our site barely represents what we got going on but I paid a random guy for it. Doing 3D stuff now, been expanding a lot recently. ”

My Website: NFT Creation Agency


Animation Designer
“Not sure how I got in, thank you guys, my names Dexter and I do full time animation, making cartoon styles and edits on videos, sometime VFX work. ”

Watch me on: YouTube


Serial Entrepreneur
“Yooo Jack here. I’ve built a crypto exchange, wallet apps, and fire web3 sites. Smart contracts, tokens, all that is easy. ”

My Website:


Influencer Marketing
“Wassssup bosses Chris here owner of agencies in LA. I got Instagram Verifications, Press, and Influencer Marketing on lock out here. Hmu I give the DIA the best deals. PR and press releases."

PR & Press Releases
PR Studio, Viral Studio, Verify Studio,


“Hey guys it’s Jason, I build iOS and android apps for a living. Sometimes I work for equity and salary sometimes just paid for the job. Been freelancing for 8 years.”

My website: Appufacture


“DIA Members, this is Tate from tucson, Arizona. I have a Smokeshop distribution company, I make cbd brands for people, and also have the best deals on everything from gummies to tinctures. We’ve made over 20 brands, any celebs in your network.”

My website: Cannafacture


“Hailey, I live in LA and run a no nicotine vape brand called Nutrohaler. So far I’m making 30k a month and just making tiktoks with it. I’ve been interested in selling the company or white labeling to someone else because it’s been way too easy for me to get this far and I know I’m not really taking advantage of how good the product is. Will send any of you guys some. The melatonin ones are my personal favorite.”

My website: Nutrahaler


“Cambo here. I’m a videographer in LA been producing music videos and doing social media work.”

My Website: N/A

Venture Capitalist

“Hey there. I’m a venture capitalist looking to work with influencers and creators. Similar to how Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire from Kylie Cosmetics, I’m looking to partner with creators to help them raise venture capital and build their brands.”

My Website: Hush Accelerator


Operation Manager
"Hey my names Jack, my day job is in Operations Management at a venture studio, I also built a CBD line on the side, it’s great branding and fully ready to go but I don’t have time to run it so I’m selling it for a small amount, I’d even partner with someone for free. ”

My website: Canna Signature


Smokeshop Distro
"Yo it mo I’m in DTLA and have a Smokeshop distro. We mainly focus on carts and other supplies like packaging etc. Have the best access to great magical mushies, psily vapes, and of course nicotine ones in bulk. ”

Follow me at InstaGram


“Yooo big money raven here owner of the best luxury exotic weed brand you know I’ll always hook you guys up, burn up, or turn up. ”

My website: Trufflez


Entrepreneur Startup Solaris - Intheworks
My names Tom I’m 24 in San Francisco and I recently raised a couple mil for my startup Solaris. The long term idea is starting a new city, until then it’s bringing together community around a share value system .”

My website: Intheworks

Paul Wildum

“Paul. LA. Videographer Music Videos etc. Starting a psychedelic brand.”

My website: Follow me at InstaGram.


“Cherry I’m in LA and a co-founder or deathless DAO also running a music studio. "

My website: Follow me at InstaGram.


“Akshaj age: 19 raising $10 mil for my DAO looking to defeat aging.”

My website: DeathLessDao


“Nice to meet everyone in Konstantin founder of Walter, about to do the biggest airdrop in crypto history, down to let any of you in on the private sale.”

My website: N/A


Tech Nerd
“Whatsup it’s Jay. I’m a tech nerd, love web3 space. Been creating bots online since I was young, most recently have bots to rank tokens on coin market cap and dextools. And I can build bots for anything from sneakers, tiktok reposting, discord mass messages, Instagram mass messages."

My website: N/A


Brand Maker
“ Justice here. I started California creators institute. University for new creators, if anyone needs a full time creator for their brand, I can lock it in.”

My Website: CCI University


Brand Maker
“Hey! I’ve been producing brands for top influencers. Right now looking to make the next Happy Dad, Kylie skin, Prime”

My Website: MVP Studio

Trust, but verify.

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